About Us
  • Dosafar, the foremost platform where people can join, offer and share their transport services like bus, taxi or any others here easily.
  • Dosafar helps you to have a happy journey, either you need a transport to move out of station/in your home town for any event/ tour, just be the part of it.
  • Dosafar is enthusiastic to expand its operations through a dedicated approach to customer service and value for easy, safe and spend less travel by offering interesting and an easy way of socializing and getting diversified taxi/bus services from people around you.
  • Dosafar is keenly concerned for customer security purpose; the drivers we approve on our platform to offer their services to you are legally certified and authorized by the Government.
  • Dosafar is for everyone… From Bus Transportation to Social Ridesharing, Carpooling and much more… we emphasize on the best quality services to make everyone’s safar easy.

Why To Trust Us?

Our Vision

Dosafar is devoted to deliver the utmost quality platform of reasonable and sustainable transport services where people can join, offer and place a request for these services. Dosafar is designed to be recognized as the most professional and committed organization in the world of transport industry.

Our Mission

We intend to achieve our mission through

  • Being reliable, economical, safe and comfortable.
  • Employing best business Practices in transport industry.
  • A people-oriented and customer-focused transport platform.
To Choose Us
  • We allow people to provide quick, easy, comfortable and safe taxi/bus transport services here.
  • You can communicate with people and get more socialize here.
  • Our customer service is quite strong that is 24x7 available to hear you.
  • Dosafar Android App is also available for your convenience… to share and place request of transport on your tips.
  • We allow people to offer and share their services by getting their certification and conformity; we care for your safety.
  • Dosafar users attest to the safe and courteous services. We depend on earning the trust and respect of our users so we deliver the best possibilities to you!